2013 Teen Video Winners


2013 Teen Video Challenge State Winning Videos ~ 26 States Represented

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View and share these videos, link to them from your library webpage, post them to social networks, and use them to get the word out to teens. You can easily share these with the Tell! a Friend bar at the top of this page. Each creative video presents a unique perspective on teen summer reading at libraries.


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Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library

Alex McFry, Adam McFry


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"Under the Snow"

Anchorage Public Library

Sarah Cooley


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"Seeds to Trees"

Santa Ana Public Library

Bryan Valdez, Monica Gonzalez, Nancy Charco, Rodrigo Martinez, Jose Gonzalez, Gustavo Nunez, Miguelangel Munoz, Eduardo Cervantes, Dulce Salgado, Domingo Rivera, Jasmine Soto, Daniel Garcia, Alejandro Mendoza, Victor Elias, Daniel Mejia, Anali Robles, Jose Mota, Andrea Sanchez, Marisol Hernandez


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"2013 TVC CO Team 5"

Jefferson County Public Library, Belmar Branch

Drew Hastings


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"Finding Beneath the Surface at the Cummings Library"

The Cummings Library

Shelby Baillie


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"Beneath the Surface of a Good Book"

New Albany Floyd County Public Library

Brianna Medcalf, Louis Ries, Angela VanCader, Stephanie Medcalf, Gannon Small,  Michael Pepin


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"Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover"

Council Bluffs Public Library

Jonathan Ybay, Cruz Gusman, Dylan Montgomery, Matt Powders, Alex Powders


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"Checkout Reading"

LaRue County Public Library

Levi Clark, Stephanie Clark, Heather Clark


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"Down Gator’s Hole"

Lafourche Parish Public Library

Esteban Avila, Juan Avila


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"Discover Something New Beneath the Surface"

Sutton Public Library

Noelle Stockwell, Mike Machado, Katarina Keown


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"Funky Reading"

Gaylord Public Library

Ramon Vera


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Davies County Library

Jared Richardson, Theresa Lyn France, Matthew Glanagan, Elisa Warner, Andrew Warner, Mark Messick, Alexandra Furr


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"Dawn of The Technology Zombies"

Carson City Library

Ricardo Castaneda, Noe Garcia, Roxy Lanuza-Alfaro, Sheila Lugo, Robert  Richards, Domonique Roling

New Hampshire

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"Young and Immortal"

Nesmith Library

Nikita Kuchipudi

New York

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"Alice in the Maximum Potter Games"

Liverpool Public Library

Amanda Hebblethwaite, Penny Lane, Nicholas Peta, Emily Stott, Lexi Bruening

North Carolina

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"Movie Trailer: Beneath the Surface"

Iredell County Public Library

Chandler Terry, Santiago Cardona Giraldo


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"Look Beneath the Surface"

Tiffin-Seneca Public Library

Sarah Bryant, Shawn Daniel, Lynette Kelbley


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"Save the Books"

Cedar Mill Community Library

Rebecca Richardson, Amanda Amezcua, Roli Garg, Ethan Bell, Lauren Philips, Jacob A. Schroeder, Apoorva Somayazulu

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"Dig beneath the surface"

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Hill District

Khiarre Gunter

South Carolina

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"Day of the Living Books"

Georgetown County Library

Sean Morris, Darby Ewing, Gabriel Cambell, Brynn Jackson, Alexander Harrison, Rowan Pelham, Abigail Pagett, Wyatt Hester, Elizabeth Joyner, Dylan Visbaras

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"Get Immersed in a Book"

Salem City Library

Kyla Rogers, Mike Abbott, Jenna Rhodes, Angela Rogers, Abigail Hawkins, Rachel Webber, Katherine Webber


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"The Library Club"

Brownell Library

Meredith Clark, Zoe Frolil, Brandalynn Spaulding, Emma Sopchak


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"Library Adventures"

Hampton Public Library

Jazmyne Silver, Miles Saunders


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"Reading: The Ultimate Boredom Buster!"

Ellensburg Public Library

Serah Manning


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"What Are You Doing?"

L. E. Phillips Memorial Library

Tedd Piper, Cole Anderson, Caleb Kamrath


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"Bring on the Books"

Fremont County Public Library System

Mikayla Foutz, Amber Foutz, Alex Garrett

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