2014 Teen Video Winners


2014 Teen Video Challenge State Winning Videos ~ 26 States Represented

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View and share these videos, link to them from your library webpage, post them to social networks, and use them to get the word out to teens. You can easily share these with the Tell! a Friend bar at the top of this page. Each creative video presents a unique perspective on teen summer reading at libraries.


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Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library

Alex McFry, Adam McFry


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"Sparking the World"

Cambria Library

Kyle Plummer, Carlos Plummer, Michael Mucciacito, Samantha Mucciacito, Andrew Paiz, Destiny Carter, and Konrad Wright




Longmont Public Library

Bethany Hagerott


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"The Places You'll Go"

Broward County Library System – South Regional Branch

Marti Wein and Shawn Ebanks


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"Spark a Reaction™"

Hall County Library System – Murrayville Branch

Morgan McAndrew


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"Check Out a Book and Spark a Reaction™"

Harrison County Public Library

Samuel Voyles, Jessica Murray, Carolyn Wood, Jacie Sandage, Marissa Ellis, Kayla Turner, Sarah Schroeder, and Eric G. Wise


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"The Power of Books"

Sibley Public Library

Skylar Rueter, Mariah Elser, Ben Wollmuth, Paige Huilburt, and Rachel Poppen



"Rappin' a Reaction"

Muhlenberg County Public Library

Lucas Morgan, Kyler Laycock, Kristen King, Erin Draper, Mara Cobb, Christopher Jenkins, and Emily Jenkins


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"Chain of Reactions"

South Regional Public Library

Ian MacFadyen, John Warner Leblanc, Garrett Bueche, James Holland, Stewart MacFadyen, Sophie Salopek, and Karl Welch


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"The Beatles"

Ellsworth Public Library

Ben Morris, Simon French, Nathaniel Olsen, and Erin Nason


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"Discover Something New Beneath the Surface"

Stoughton Public Library

Aastha Pulcharel, Diksha Pokharel, Ngozi Okeke, and Monica Pabla


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"Spark a Reaction™"

Carson City Library

Harley Woods, Noe Barba-Garcia, and Sheila Lugo

New Hampshire


"The Fire That Books Ignite"

Cook Memorial Library

Willa Canfield and Thomas Stafford

New Jersey


"The Reading Adventure"

Highland Park Public Library

Gavriel Epstein

New York

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"Reading Makes Your Imagination Shine"

Malverne Public Library

James Phillips

North Carolina

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"Rock N' Read & Spark a Reaction™"

Macon County Public Library – Nantahala Regional Library

Isabella Hughes, Maria Grace Hughes, Sarah Campbell, Anna Lapp, Sarah Westmoreland, Christopher Earl Casto, Jo Loewy, James Loewy, Liz Lapp, April Westmoreland, and James Candalina

North Dakota

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"We Got the Spark!"

Kenmare Public Library

Linda Yang, Rebecca Fetterhoff, and Sasha Bennett


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"Super Readers"

Ida Rupp Public Library

Ashlynn Slauterbeck, Cal Laurel, Ebony Kleinhans, Josh Vossen, Kevin Mabe, Justyn Holmes, and Michael Clabaugh


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"Chain Reaction"

Cedar Mill Library

Amanda Amezcua, Roli Garg, Lauren Phillips, Rebecca Richardson, Jacob A. Schroeder, Apoorva J. Somayazulu, Arjun R. Somayazulu, and Tristen Wong


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"Save the World"

Ephrata Public Library

Rhiannon Roth

South Carolina

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"A Nod to Orwell"

Georgetown Public Library

Wyatt Hester and Sean England Morris


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"Inspired to Inspire"

Arlington Public Library

China M. Wilson



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"Chain Reaction"

Chittenden Public Library

Grace Tate


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"Spark a Reaction™"

Ellensburg Public Library

Grace Pearsons and Luke Pearsons


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"Dire Straits"

Hedberg Public Library

Benjamin Rolsma, Nathanael Rolsma, Virginia Westby, Robin Westby, Lizzy Farey, Steffi Farey, and Jacob Cullum



"Books Can Take You Places"

Laramie County Library

Rebekah A. Cooper, Laurel Smith, and Petra Cooper

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