Resources for Video Creation

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Public Domain Resources

Creative Commons Info

25+ Sources for Creative Commons Content from


Creative Commons - Images

Creative Commons - Video

Creative Commons - Audio

Copyright Explained – Answers the question "Can I Use It?"

Copyright Guidelines for Students from

"Yes, you can!" –Where you don't even need 'fair use" (Center for Social Media)

Copyright and Fair Use (U.S. Copyright office)

What is copyright? Does it matter how much of a song or video I use? What is attribution? Hover your pointer over a student for a question. [requires Shockwave Flash]

Basic information on copyrights, useful links, and copyright quiz (The Copyright Society of the U.S.A.)

Closed Captioning - Steps to provide captions to your video so others can read what you say.
Add and edit subtitles at You Tube
"Automatic Captions in YouTube Demo"

YouTube Has Recently Rolled Out a Closed Caption Beta Version (Demo)

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