The websites listed below supplement the web resources listed in the print manual. See the resource submission guidelines for information on how to submit resources to this area of the website.

Alice Educational Software
Alice is free software aimed at getting young people excited about the creative aspects of computer science. Young people can learn how to create animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web.

The art works on this comprehensive site can be accessed by artist’s name, artistic movement or historical period. Includes articles, pictures of their works and a bibliography for each artist.

Art Cyclopedia
Search for an artist, piece of artwork or a museum. Includes links to artist biographies, articles and photos of artwork.

Look here for teen friendly tutorials for a wide range of crafts.

Dark Faerie Librarian Blog
Want creative ideas for your teen program this summer? Check out this blog maintained by a Teen Librarian in North Carolina.

Essentials of Music
Look here for a wealth of information on music.

Film History Index
Look here for an index of internet resources relating to the history of Film.

Look here for ideas for teen friendly art and craft activities.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Join this supportive learning environment in which visitors and members can write, share, and celebrate language.

Poetry Express
Join this supportive learning community for reading, writing and sharing poems.

Shocked Poetry
Teens can create a poem or poetry e-greeting card online using a magnetic poetry-like program.

Teen Ink
Teen Ink
is a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing and art. Supported by the Young Author’s Foundation.

Teen SRP “Express Yourself” Blog
Want creative ideas for your teen program this summer? Check out this blog maintained by a Youth Services Librarian in Iowa.

Film Festival ~ Literary Magazine
Customizable Forms for Film Festival and Literature Magazine (as seen on the Express Yourself CD)

The fonts used on product for the Make a Splash theme were Grinched (Make a) Countryhouse (Splash) and Bubblegum (READ). The poster type was hand-lettered by the artist, so we just used complimentary fonts for the product. Make Waves product used Stonecross (Make Waves) and Zapfino (at Your Library).

For the Make a Splash manual, Countryhouse was used for the headers and Bubblegum was used for the chapter numbers. New Baskerville was used for the body. For the Make Waves manual, Scratch was used for the headers and New Baskerville was used for the body.

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