Employment Openings

CSLP Office Administrator [pdf]

How to apply:

Send the following:

  • A Cover letter detailing your experience and how you can fulfill the needs of our organization
  • A Resume/CV
  • Three references

Include answers to the following questions: (no more than 500 words max per question)

  1. This is a work from home position. Please describe how you might set up your home office to accomplish the job. Include any additional equipment or services you might need.
  2. This job requires you to take the initiative, and manage projects remotely. Please describe what skills and abilities you have that will help you to be successful.
  3. Communicating in writing is critical to this position. Please describe a situation where your written communication was misunderstood, and what you did to clarify/resolve the issue.

Applications will only be accepted via email and should be sent to employment@cslpreads.org.  We will accept until applications until October 18th, 5:00PM Central Time. You will receive a response that your application was received.

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