CSLP Newsletter August 2017August 2017

July: Committee membership lists were updated
Product designs for the 2018 program year have been finalized!
December: Work on next year’s budget begins
January: Writing of the 2019 Teen manual will be complete
2018 CSLP Annual meeting: April 8th – 12th. Denver, CO
Be sure to check out the Call for Artwork Subcommittee Members at the bottom of the Newsletter! Get involved today!

Happy August!

CSLP Newsletter August 2017I became CSLP Past-President June 1, 2017 and I have to admit I felt a little bit like Obama must have felt the day after leaving the White House, or Hillary after losing the election. Part relieved and a little bit regretful. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still on the CSLP Executive Board and there are still many things for me to do, but I don’t have the same responsibilities and so I feel a little bit out of the loop. It’s just going to take a little while to get used to it – and luckily, I remain the state rep. One thing I won’t miss is the thousands of emails I received since I was cc’d on everything! It’s also nice to be able to forward things to Matt now.

Like any new administration, some changes have occurred quickly. This newsletter, for example. I’m very happy it’s been revamped to help us communicate better with the members. As the President, I just didn’t have the time, or sometimes the content, to produce a monthly newsletter. Now that all of the board members are contributing articles, and Luke’s editing and compiling the content, it’ll be much easier to produce on a regular basis. Please send any suggestions for content to Luke, especially photos of some of the programming events that you did during the summer for our Facebook page. I always love seeing the kids enjoying the activities at their libraries. I don’t think we share these moments enough with each other.

Another new change is that now when we meet for our monthly board meetings, instead of just conducting them as conference calls, we’re using Zoom. The video component allows us to see each other (and a bit of the décor behind us!) and means we can interact more naturally during the meetings.

Despite not being quite as busy as I was before as President, I look forward to being a part of helping CSLP evolve. With a new strategic plan, I know there will be many opportunities to help CSLP grow in the coming years. I want to help ensure a strong future for CSLP. I hope you will continue to show your support and be active with CSLP as well.

(Now back to reading some of the summer book recommendations from our Pinterest and Facebook pages).

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Sharon Rawlins
CSLP Past President 2017-2018


Inspiring the Library Community at Large

CSLP Newsletter August 2017


The Libraries Transform initiative announced the winner of their new Libraries Transform Because statements. The winning statement sent in by Kristen Craig from the Licking County Library system in Ohio should definitely resonate with CSLP members. “Because Building a Better World Starts with Literacy.” Congratulations, Kristen!

Our libraries: Building a Better World!

Empty Bowls

One meaningful way Colleen Crowley, and the staff at the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek AZ, used the summer reading program theme was to partner with local artist Sylvia Fugmann-Brongo.

CSLP Newsletter August 2017Fourteen students enjoyed making two clay bowls. One they will keep, the other will be donated to the empty bowls annual fund raising sale sponsored by their local arts league. This fun project was a first time clay experience for some of the students. Not only was it a great opportunity for making art, but generously gives back to the community, all at the same time.

Building a Kindness Wall

At the Massillon Public Library in Massillon OH, Darcie Saunier and staff created a Kindness Wall. Dedicating part of the space connecting the Children’s section to the main library, they provided patrons Pot-It Notes, and encouraged them to share some kindness.

CSLP Newsletter August 2017Library patrons left some truly inspiring mesages. To build on the theme kindness, the library also featured a “Be Kind Book of the Week”, where they highlighted a Children’s/YA book that dealt with kindness, bullying, etc.

Cake Party!

Does providing your readers with a special cake help build a better world? Of course it does!

CSLP Newsletter August 2017Melissa Dillard of the East Polk Public Library in Ducktown, TN helped celebrate the last day of Summer Reading with both a party for their 3rd – 7th graders and a “Build a Better World” cake. Clearly, sweets make for a better world!

Did you have a program that helped “Build a Better World”? Please send your photos and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas to use or share? https://www.pinterest.com/cslpreads/

Honoring Christine McNew

At the Annual Meeting, then President Sharon Rawlins mentioned that CSLP would like to honor Christine McNew, the Youth Services Consultant and state representative from the Texas State Library, who passed away in January. Christine left a gift in her will to Queen of the Angels Monastery in Mount Angel, Oregon. If you would like to honor her memory, please consider sending them a gift.



Call for Programming Ideas

“A Universe of Stories” means a universe of possibilities when it comes to programming and resources. That’s why the Manual Chairs need your help in order to create an “out of this world” manual for 2019’s space theme.

The Manual Chairs have created the following cross-manual chapter headings, with the help of the great feedback from the 2017 Annual Meeting, in order to help organize some of the most popular themes for the 2019 manual. Now it’s up to you to help us fill the pages with strong, unique, and inclusive programming and resources that will help strengthen summer reading programs throughout the CSLP member libraries.

These chapter headings will be used in all four of our manuals-Early Literacy, Children’s, Teens and Adults with hints found in the pages of our Spanish Early Literacy.

  • Take Me To Your Reader: Focus on fandom, popular characters, genre, and book franchises.
  • Shoot for the Moon: Ideas inspired/recognizing the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.
  • To the Library and Beyond: Outreach ideas and programming taking place outside the library walls (daycare centers, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Trekking Across Our Universe: Solar System Based Ideas
  • A Sky Full of Stories: Programming ideas focusing on constellations and mythology.

Feeling inspired and want to share your programming ideas and resources? We have a new way to make sharing your ideas even easier! Visit https://www.cslpreads.org/draft-online-idea-submission/ to fill out our online form. Submissions are due September 15th 2017 at 5pm EST so don’t let the 2019 Manuals blast off into production without your great idea being included!

Update from the Organization Coordinator

This July I had the good fortune of visiting the Midwest. I was able to spend a morning with Melissa Auchard Scholz and Lydie A. Hudson, our CSLP lawyers,  took a tour of the Demco plant, and then visited Karen Day in Mason City, Iowa.

CSLP Newsletter August 2017

One thing that really struck me was how impressed Lydie was with the CSLP’s ability to develop outstanding themes, year in and year out. She mentioned that large corporations pay millions of dollars to create this type of work, and that many of them fail. Our ability to collaborate and create something wonderful is a strength of CSLP, and something we need to protect and nurture.

From there I visited Karen Day, and the CSLP head offices. It was great working side-by-side with Karen. I learned a ton. Karen was very generous with her time, and brought me up to speed on a lot of CSLP projects and history.

Thank you everyone!



CSLP Newsletter August 2017

Karen Day

Update on Committee Lists

by Karen Day

 Thank you to all who have volunteered to serve on a committee for the 2017-2018 program year. We have had a slow start to getting the committees reset but in an effort to refresh committee lists we have set forth a new way to sign-up and be a part of the organization.

For those that were fortunate enough to attend the CSLP Annual Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina last April, your names were automatically added to the new committee lists. For others, the new sign up link can be found at: https://goo.gl/forms/BprBgPd5Fmoovs492

Those that have signed up prior to this newsletter have been added to the committee lists and the e-mail lists. If you still wish to serve on a committee and have not yet completed the sign-up form, please do so soon.

Serving on a committee can be a big commitment so please follow your passions and select committees that you have an interest in and can commit resources to do the work of the committee.

To see the committee lists on the CSLP website, make sure you are logged in, click on Members, Allies & Resources> State & Territory Representatives> Committees. Once at the committee page you will be able to click on the Committee Description to see duties and time commitment needed for each.

Thank you again for your service as a volunteer to the CSLP organization! We need and appreciate your support.


Spotlight on a Reading Superstar!

It’s not every day that Hillary Clinton mentions a teenager in a speech. However, during her closing general session speech at the 2017 ALA Annual Conference she mentioned New Jersey native Marley Dias and Dias’s 1,000 Black Girl Books campaign. Dias, a West Orange native who is also the creator of Marley Mag for Elle.com, started her book campaign at age 11 in order to draw attention to more children’s books featuring black main characters and make them readily available in classroom libraries. With an initial goal of collecting 1,000 books, Dias has exceeded her goal and has continued to accumulate more.


If there a young reader making a big difference in your state, please let us know! We would love to share these inspirational stories with the entire CSLP membership!

Please send information to: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org


What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2018: Theme/Music; Slogan/”Libraries Rock”; Artist/Brian Pinkney

2019: Theme/Space; Slogan/”A Universe of Stories” Artist/Leeza Hernandez

2020: Theme/Fairytales, Mythology, Fantasy; Artist/LeUyen Pham

CSLP Newsletter August 2017


Call for Artwork Subcommittee Members!

The CSLP Artwork Subcommittee members will review and submit feedback on the art from draft to final. This committee will not be part of the product review process associated with the Vendor Committee. The committee will consist of no more than twelve members, including the following:

  • Artwork Subcommittee Chair
  • One member of the Executive Board
  • One of the manual chairs
  • Chair of the Inclusion Committee
  • Six to eight other members

Term length: One program year of artwork

The term for committee members reviewing the 2020 program art will begin in August 2017 and end sometime around March 2019. The committee will review all artwork: early literacy, children’s, teen, adult, and all ages. All committee work is done through email correspondence. There may be conference calls if needed. Here is the estimated timeline for the review of the artwork:

  1. December 2017- Artist sends initial sketches to CSLP. Within two weeks of receipt of initial sketches, CSLP will offer feedback.
  2. Late January 2018- Artist sends updated artwork (preferably in color). Within two weeks of receipt, CSLP will offer feedback.

Selection Process for Committee Members

Prerequisite: Must have served on a Manual Committee (Early, Literacy, Children’s, Teen or Adult) or the Inclusion Committee within the past three years

Since there are a limited number of members on this committee, please submit a paragraph stating your interest in serving on the Artwork Subcommittee as well as a recommendation from a current/previous CSLP Manual or Inclusion committee chair. Recommendation and paragraph of interest can be sent via email to: Deanne Dekle, CSLP Vendor Chair by Friday, September 22, 2017. Committee members will be notified via email by October 1, 2017.

Please note: If an applicant is not selected for the 2020 Artwork Subcommittee, they are welcome to apply for the 2021 Artwork Subcommittee.

CSLP Newsletter August 2017

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