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2018 CSLP promoting summer reading at PLA
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June: The 2018 – 2019 Board will hold their first meeting
2019 A Universe of Stories kicks off in October!
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by April Mazza

Inspired by Michigan’s Summer Library Program webinar for “Libraries Rock!” I wanted to create a photo stand-up graphic that would be fun to share on social media. The example in the webinar involved finding a stock image of a person related to the theme and cutting out the face so users could pose with their face in the cut out and become a “rock star”. I tried using CSLP artwork for 2018 but nothing really fit the bill for me (especially because I wanted the figure to be as inclusive as possible).

CSLP Newsletter March 2018

Then I remembered a social media frame that was used at a local conference to get attendees to pose with their friends and then share the pic using the event’s hashtags. It seemed so simple and silly but was a lot of fun. I found a template online and adjusted it for summer library programs. I then went to Staples and got some help with the printing options. If you do not have your own large format printer I highly recommend going to a copy shop that can help you. I went with 17×26 which was recommended by the staff and because it was less expensive than the largest option (24X36). I would suggest the larger option and have it mounted on the board because it will save you time, look more professional and is sturdier!

This would have cost me about $70. I ended up mounting it myself which cost less than $20 total. If you go with the more expensive option and want to use it for future summers and/or other events you could choose a library logo and more general hashtags. What’s great about using hashtags is that you can then search for them and use those photos for your promotions as well.

Either way, you can also print out CSLP artwork and mount those on skewers to use as props to add more themed images to your selfie. I plan to use the frame as an example of a promotional tool in my summer library program workshops and will raffle it off to an attendee at the completion of the sessions so that they can use it this summer at their library.

For a link to the files used in April’s Librarygram, as well as instructions to customize it for your library visit:


(The instructions are in the slide notes)

Tweens Rock! (and so do Teens!)

CSLP Newsletter March 2018

Peter Blenski, librarian at the Greenfield Public Library, WI has a great idea for this year’s theme:

For “Libraries Rock,” our teens and tweens will be recreating famous album covers here in the library! We’ll start the event with a big group shot, by trying to recreate The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club” photo. Then, with iPads in hand, teens will work in groups or alone, to recreate some famous pre-approved album covers. Costumes and props will be on hand to make their photos more realistic and fun.

CSLP Newsletter March 2018When they’re done, library staff will add the wording to try and replicate the actual artwork. The kids can then come back and pick up their photos in a few days, which we’ll put in old CD cases. The parody covers will be featured throughout the kids’ library for the rest of the summer.

CSLP Newsletter March 2018

For more details on this, and other projects, visit Peter’s blog at: https://legolibrarian.com/2018/02/19/tween-programming-album-art-photo-contest/

Is your library ready to rock?

Do you have a great programming idea for this year? Have you started the summer early? Please send your photos and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas to use or share? https://www.pinterest.com/cslpreads/

 Winners of the 2018 Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip!

CSLP Newsletter March 2018

With over 350 entries, we are please to announce the winner of the CSLP Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip Sweepstakes!

  • Northborough Free Library, MA
  • Oak Creek Public Library, WI
  • Sardis Public Library, MS
  • Transylvania County Library, NC


CSLP Newsletter March 2018

Each winner will be visited by the Scholastic RV, and have a day of fun activities!

 2022 CSLP Artist: Sophie Blackall

CSLP Newsletter March 2018

We are pleased to announce that the artist for the 2022 program year will be Sophie Blackall!

Sophie Blackall is a Caldecott medal winner and the illustrator of over thirty books for children, including; Ruby’s Wish, Meet Wild Boars, and Finding Winnie.

Sophie Blackall was born in 1970 and grew up in Australia. She received a Bachelor of Design in Sydney in 1992 with honors. She has exhibited in galleries world wide, and has had her illustrations appear in numerous publications.

What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2018: Theme/Music; Slogan/”Libraries Rock”; Artist/Brian Pinkney

2019: Theme/Space; Slogan/”A Universe of Stories” Artist/Leeza Hernandez

2020: Theme/Fairytales, Mythology, Fantasy; Artist/LeUyen Pham

2021: Theme/Animals; Artist/Salina Yoon

2022: Theme/World-Social Justice-Unity-Kindness-Inclusion-Change-Diversity-Equity-Make a difference-Embrace different cultures; Artist/Sophie Blackall

CSLP Newsletter March 2018

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