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September: 2018 Manuals are sent to the printers
Libraries Rock! The 2018 Program Year has started!
November: Work on storyboards for PSAs begin
February: Calls for future slogans will go out
2018 CSLP Annual meeting: April 8th – 12th. Denver, CO
The 2018 Incentive catalog is live! Check it out today at shopcslp.com!

Planning for CSLP’s Success!

by Matt McLain

CSLP Newsletter October 2017The Board had its annual retreat last month in St. Louis where we put together the bones for our strategic plan for the next three years.

We spent a lot of time going through our annual timeline, which was time well spent. It is a complex undertaking to keep track of all of the tasks that need to be completed. We discussed the order for each and the timing that needs to take place so that the manuals can be completed, printed, and distributed ahead of when everyone needs it. We discussed how that timing affects the manual writers and editors, vendors, and state reps.

More immediately, we are working with Demco on a contract for 2019 so we can ensure we have quality promotional materials and prizes for CSLP member libraries. One new change that has already taken place is our move toward hiring the writers and editor for the teen and adult manuals directly with CSLP, rather than hiring them through Demco. The Spanish manual has always been produced directly through CSLP.

We have much more to discuss beyond 2019, and we are excited about these changes that will lead to an even better CSLP.

Thank you for your membership in CSLP. We value our members and our organization is stronger for your active engagement!

CSLP is partnering with Scholastic!

Responding to your requests to make more books available for summer reading incentives and thematic book displays, CSLP is proud to announce that we have partnered with Scholastic to offer your libraries a curated list of titles to support this year’s theme “Libraries Rock!”

Scholastic is making individual titles, as well as collections, available to you at their lowest prices. This is an exclusive offer available only to CSLP member libraries.

CSLP Newsletter October 2017Information for libraries, as well as order forms will be sent out soon and should arrive alongside your Manuals and Incentive Catalogs.

The 2018 Program year has begun! Libraries Rock!

Important News for the Start of the Program Year

by Karen Day

2018 Manual Drop Shipments
CSLP Newsletter October 2017The 2018 CSLP Library Rocks manuals are beginning to ship. The first states that only had paper and DVD units shipped last week but those with USB units will begin shipping the week of October 16th. Several of you have contacted me regarding your meetings/state conferences and we are trying to honor those requests. If you need additional communications regarding the drop shipments, please let me know.

The on-line manual is nearly ready to roll out. As soon as it is ready to access, a message will be sent to the State Reps mail list.

State Reps: Remember that you will have several items to give to your libraries. Their manual (or manual access), the 2018 CSLP Incentive Catalog, and the 2018 Scholastic Book flyer/order form. If you have questions about any of these, please contact Luke or myself.

2018 On-Line Manual Instructions
Instructions for the 2018 On-Line Manual access will be e-mailed to each CSLP State Representative in the next week or so. Please watch for this information to share with those libraries that have on-line access.

FLORIDA LIBRARIES: You will have separate instructions to access the on-line manual once you purchase from our vendor Upstart/Demco. If you have questions, please contact Jana Fine at Jana.Fine@dos.myflorida.com or contact the CSLP offices at 866-657-8556 or 833-225-8661.

CALIFORNIA/ILLINOIS/MINNESOTA/VIRGINIA Libraries: Remember that you need to complete the 2018 Membership and Manual Order Form and return it to the CSLP office to receive your manuals. If you have questions about this, please contact Karen Day at 866-657-8556 for assistance.

Also remember that before you can access the on-line manual, you need to have a CSLP website login. To see the YouTube instructions on How to Create a CSLP website login, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1dC0ap8vSM If you have questions, please contact the CSLP offices at 866-657-8556 or 833-225-8661.

2018 Incentive Shopping site up and ready to order
The Incentive Shopping site is up and ready to order. This site contains all of the materials found in the paper catalog. To get to the shopping site you may either login to the CSLP website, click on SHOP or you can go directly to the shopping URL at https://shopcslp.com. Once on the shopping page you will need to login to the shopping page with your Upstart/Demco/CSLP shopping login and password. This may differ from your CSLP login, depending on how you set it up before.

Once on the shopping page you may either browse the website or you can click on the eCatalog.

If you have any problems with connecting, please contact the CSLP offices at 866-657-8556 or 833-225-8661.



Our libraries: Building a Better World!

Cleaning the Streets!

What does a pair of Barbie legs, a pillow, and over 200 cigarette butts have in common? They are all items that are no longer on the streets of Idaho Springs, CO!

CSLP Newsletter October 2017Donning latex gloves, Sharon Bassist, Program Coordinator for the Clear Creek Library District, CO, helped lead groups of tiny volunteers around the areas surrounding the library and local schools.

Children saw first hand how much trash gets thrown on the ground and made a pledge to pick up trash when they see it, even if it’s not theirs.

Clean Drinking Water

Taking inspiration from the book “Water Princess” by Susan Verde, Wendy Rowe, Children’s librarian at the Barrington Public Library, Barrington, NH, created this fantastic looking well pump from papier-mâché.

CSLP Newsletter October 2017“Water Princess” is a story of a young girl’s quest to bring clean drinking water to her African village. This well pump helped raise awareness of the importance of ensuring communities have access to clean water, and collected $66.10 in coins. All funds were donated to Water is Life, and organization that digs wells and provides water filtration straws to communities with no clean water sources.

Did you have a program that helped “Build a Better World”? Please send your photos and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas to use or share? https://www.pinterest.com/cslpreads/

Spread the Summer Reading News!

Every month we email a Newsletter to our State Reps using an internal mailing list. This is a great way to communicate what is happening at CSLP and many State Reps pass the information along to the librarians in their state. However, this limits the sharing of information to librarians in states with well established mailing lists.

To help offset this, and to make the newsletter available to all those interested, we have set up a MailChimp account. Anyone with an email address can sign up on the CSLP homepage, or by using this direct link:


Please share it with anyone you know who is passionate about summer learning!
CSLP Newsletter October 2017

Planning and PSAs

by Luke Kralik

It was quite a busy September for CSLP, and October is turning out to be even more so!

CSLP Newsletter October 2017On the week of September 20th, I attended the Board’s annual retreat in St. Louis. This was my first opportunity to meet many of the board members in person, and it was a great experience. While there was some standing business to address, our main focus was on the drafting of a strategic plan.

Often the strategic planning process, and the plans they generate, can cause a lot of librarian eyes to roll. This was not the case at the retreat. I was very impressed with the board’s firm commitment to CSLP and its mission to empower libraries to foster community. Details of the plan are still being developed, but I believe it provides CSLP a pathway to help further its mission and will make a positive impact on the libraries we serve. Stay tuned for details once the plan is polished into a more presentable format!

September also brought the signing of the 2018 PSA and Summer Reading Champion agreements. With the theme of Libraries Rock! I am sure we can expect some lively PSAs. By the time you see the newsletter, the storyboards should be well underway.

If you have leveraged the PSAs in the past, I would love to hear what you did, and I am sure your fellow librarians would as well!

Thank you!



Spotlight on a Reading Superstar!

 Sharing your love of reading can take many forms. For high school student Danielle Heiert this meant building, and offering, over forty “little libraries” to community members in her hometown of Campbell County, Kentucky.

Community members held a competition decorating the libraries Danielle constructed, and then installed them throughout the county. Danielle worked with her local public library to ensure the libraries were well stocked, and helped spread her love of reading to others!

If there a young reader making a big difference in your state, please let us know! We would love to share these inspirational stories with the entire CSLP membership!

Please send information to: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org


What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2018: Theme/Music; Slogan/”Libraries Rock”; Artist/Brian Pinkney

2019: Theme/Space; Slogan/”A Universe of Stories” Artist/Leeza Hernandez

2020: Theme/Fairytales, Mythology, Fantasy; Artist/LeUyen Pham

2021: Theme/To be Determined; Artist/Salina Yoon



CSLP Newsletter October 2017

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