CSLP Newsletter September 2017September 2017

August: Finishing edits on the 2018 manuals are complete
Board of Director’s Retreat in St. Louis
October: Libraries Rock! program year begins
February: Calls for future slogans will go out
2018 CSLP Annual meeting: April 8th – 12th. Denver, CO
Be sure to check out the Call for Artwork Subcommittee Members at the bottom of the Newsletter! Get involved today!

How Does CSLP Choose the Artists?

by Chrissie McGovern

CSLP Newsletter September 2017We receive many questions about how artists are selected to provide artwork for us. So I thought I would give you a rundown on how the process works.

Let’s start with a short history of how we got to where we are today. Demco is our vendor for the products we sell for summer reading and up until 2015, they contracted with the artist on our behalf. Historically, at our Annual Meeting in the spring we would come up with a top ten list of artists we thought would best depict our program theme that would be used two years later. Often times, we wouldn’t always get our first choice and Demco would go down the list to find an illustrator that was interested and available. As per our contract, the art could only be used for an eighteen month window. Over the last few years we started noticing that libraries were asking for products long after the eighteen month window. For example, the 2011 “One World, Many Stories” art was very popular and we still receive requests to reprint t-shirts! However, because of that eighteen month window Demco placed in their contract with the artist, it created multiple layers to go through in order to re-print some of the artwork on products. We also faced difficulties if artists wanted to use their own characters in the artwork (yes, I’m referring to the platypus years.) With all of this in mind, CSLP drafted a new contract when the RFP (request for proposal) for Demco was chosen for the 2017-2018 program years. The new contract allows CSLP to work directly with artists, removing many of the previous restrictions and creating art that would best serve our membership.

Let’s go to May 2015. It was one month before I would take over as the Chair of the Vendor Committee and a small subcommittee was put together to set up some parameters for contacting artists. I had our top ten list from our Annual Meeting in Rhode Island and began the process of contacting artists. We were lucky to be able to contract David Macaulay for the Build a Better World theme. The first year contracting with an artist was easy as pie; we had a signed contract in our office by July 2015. The second year of this endeavor was not so easy and I began to get nervous that we would not have an artist for the 2018 program. We sought assistance from our membership to see if anyone had any direct contact with any of the artists we were trying to contact. Thankfully, we heard from Brian Pinkney right after Labor Day 2016 and the rest is history. However, this situation brought up discussion with the CSLP Board of Directors on changing the timeline for when we contact and contract with artists. Many artists already know several years in advance when they will be working on book projects and touring, so contracting with them several years out gave us more leeway and they could fit us into their schedule whenever it worked best. Further, each year at the Annual Meeting we wound up with the same artists list year after year, just in a slightly different order, so we knew we were meeting the interests of the membership.

So fast forward to current day. CSLP holds contracts with the artists and at this time we have artists contracted through our 2021 program year. In case you missed it, here are the artists for the upcoming program years:

2019- Leeza Hernandez (space)
2020- LeUyen Pham (mythology/folk tales/fairy tales)
2021- Salina Yoon (theme not yet selected)

As soon as the 2022 artist contract is finalized and signed we’ll let you know.

At this time we are accepting applications for the 2020 Artwork Committee. If you have served on the Inclusion or a Manual Committee and are interested in reviewing the artwork, you can find the application on our website or in this newsletter. I available to converse about this process or the Artwork Committee, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Kwame Alexander as 2017 CSLP National Summer Reading Champion

by Sharon Rawlins

CSLP Newsletter September 2017If you logged onto the CSLP website between last fall and late spring, I am sure you could not help noticing the colorful photo on the main page of author Kwame Alexander, our 2017 Summer Reading Champion.

It was this time last year that I saw him at the National Book Festival in Washington DC and asked him if he would be willing to serve as the champion for 2017. He said yes and gave me one of the bright orange t-shirts he had that the rapping, Mohawk-wearing school librarian wears in Kwame’s novel Booked.

“Serving as Summer Reading Champion gives me the opportunity to reach more teachers, more librarians and more parents, and share what I feel is one of the secrets to the success of future: the mind of an adult begins with the imagination of a child. Books open up doors of possibility and potential and purpose—and allow children to imagine a better world for themselves and for us,” Kwame said.

He did a fantastic job on the PSAs as he enthusiastically urged kids to read over the summer and demonstrated to them and their parents how much fun reading can be. I hope you had the chance to use the PSAs to promote the program in your libraries.

Kwame also continued the tradition that started with the previous Reading Champion, Kate DiCamillo, of sharing a list of the books he loves and recommends reading. CSLP posted it on the website and on social media. Both Kwame’s and Kate’s lists, along with their PSAs, are archived on the CSLP website.

The CSLP Board, committee chairs and members do not have the time to devote to publicizing the current year’s Summer Reading Champion. CSLP hired a publicity company called Blue Slip Media to do this for us for both National Summer Reading Champions.

Kwame spent much of last year doing many school visits and did not talk about CSLP in those visits but did try to mention CSLP when appropriate in other venues. He promoted CSLP, and the importance of reading and literacy in newspapers, blogs and on the radio, including: The Washington Post’s On Parenting column; NPR’s Here and Now out of WBUR Boston; Public Libraries Online: the companion website to the bi-monthly print publication Public Libraries, the official magazine of the Public Library Association; Booklist, The Booklist Reader, Read Alert, and Quick Tips, the magazine and e-newsletters of the American Library Association; ALSC’s newsletter, ALSC Matters!; Children’s Book Council’s regular “Kit Lit News” section, and in a Q&A in Kirkus Reviews.

Teachers and school librarians were also excited to publicize Kwame’s involvement with summer reading on their blogs and through their school districts. The head of library media services for the San Diego Office of Education shared the news in the county (reaching 769 schools in 42 separate districts, serving a total of just under 500,000 students). The We Are Teachers website and the iLoveMG newsletter that focuses on middle grade books for teachers and librarians also covered Kwame.

The blogs that gave Kwame some love as our National Summer Reading Champion included the elementary school librarian’s blog 100 Scope Notes, hosted by SLJ; Seven Impossible Things, the children’s book blog; the two reading teachers’ blog Unleashing Readers; and the book blog by a K-12 librarian called  The Loud Library Lady.

Blue Slip Media contacted many other outlets and invited them to publicize Kwame’s involvement with CSLP but they did not all participate. We thought we did well this year, but hope that the news about next year’s Library Rocks National Summer Reading Champion will be publicized even more widely and make even more of an impact. The CSLP board is currently discussing ways to accomplish this.


CSLP Newsletter September 2017

Our libraries: Building a Better World!

Kindness Blocks and a Virtual Safari

Kate Irwin reported that the Jessamine County Public Library in Nicholasville, KY had some unique programming this summer. Each time a child completed an act of kindness they could come into the children’s library and fill out a building block. These blocks were displayed on the ends of the children’s book shelves to show that even young children can make a difference.

CSLP Newsletter September 2017Another program that JCPL did was to partner with SafariLive to broadcast a live African safari to the patrons of JCPL. SafariLive is located in South Africa and broadcasts two live safaris a day. Schools and libraries can sign up to partner with them on a live school drive and only the questions asked by the schools and libraries will be answered during their reserved hour.

 Many hands make light work!

CSLP Newsletter September 2017Sue Hart at the Ellensburg Public Library in Ellensburg, WA shared her favorite Teen Scene activity this year. The teens visited their local Habitat for Humanity Store. After learning about the organization in a short presentation, they were put to work helping support this great community service!

Building Community Support

CSLP Newsletter September 2017At the Black River Falls Public Library, in Black River Falls, WI, Rhonda Groth and Tammy Peasley had a great idea to help promote reading. They asked local businesses to donate funds, and created four bookmarks (Adult, Teen, Youth, and Families). Each bookmark raised $1 for the Jackson County Animal Shelter. They had remarkable support, and reached their goal of $820!

Builders’ Club

CSLP Newsletter September 2017Using mostly free stuff, either found or donated, Ami Jones at the Alamogordo Public Library in Alamogordo, NM, hosted a fantastic outdoor building party. She reported, “It was like watching a colony of ants – everyone seemed to be communicating mostly telepathically. There was no project manager telling anyone what the plan was, they all just scurried about carrying things, building, adjusting, changing.”

The program lasted for two hours, with many participants staying for the entire time. What fun!

Building a Better Body

CSLP Newsletter September 2017Children at the Carlsbad Public Library in Carlsbad, NM were treated to some very delicious, and nutritious, library programing. Librarian Beth Nieman led the children in building colorful chef’s hats, teddy bear sandwiches, and breakfast sushi.

Breakfast sushi: One whole banana, cream cheese, and a colorful rice cereal, such as Fruity Pebbles.

Peel banana; spread entire banana with cream cheese; roll the banana in cereal; slice banana to make “sushi” and serve!


CSLP Newsletter September 2017Programming Specialist Diane Brant, at the Massillon Public Library in Massillon, OH, was the mastermind behind their library’s closing program “Build-a-Thon”. The program included collecting donated canned goods and building a minion out of them, Snap Circuits, blocks, Legos, STEM activities, and much more!

Building a Better World, and Helping Kittens?!

CSLP Newsletter September 2017Kristine Millard at the Lodi Public Library in Lodi, WI had a very successful program where children made kennel quilts for two local organizations. They worked with the amazing quilt guild in our community who donated both the fabric and the expertise. In two separate programs both children and adults made a total of 47 blankets which were given to the county humane society and a non-profit segment from the local veterinary clinic.

Did you have a program that helped “Build a Better World”? Please send your photos and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas to use or share? https://www.pinterest.com/cslpreads/

What/What?? A Teen Video Challenge????

by Jana Fine

Most of you are familiar with a number of great things about CSLP. But did you know about the Teen Video Challenge? It’s been around since 2011 and a number of states have produced truly outstanding videos.

However, we desperately need your help now. We need you to spread the word about this terrific opportunity for teens to show the world their creativity – and receive some nice cash as well. The libraries that are affiliated will the teen will receive $50.00 to use at Upstart.

The information will be placed on the CSLP website soon. Once there, all you need to do is to show teens where the submission form is within their state listing. If you are the state representative, you can zip out a short email to the youth people throughout the state about where to find the information on your state’s page.

It’s so important to have creative outlets for teens. The Teen Video Challenge is a really terrific opportunity for teens to show everyone not only their talent but also their comfort and ease in participating in library programs.

If you are interested in being part of an exciting activity or are just curious, please contact Jana Fine at jana.fine@dos.myflorida.com.




Salina Yoon!

CSLP is proud to announce that the Early Literacy & Children’s artist for the 2021 program is Salina Yoon!

CSLP Newsletter September 2017Yoon is an award-winning author/illustrator of over two hundred novelty books for young children including the dazzling KALEIDOSCOPE and PINWHEEL interactive books published by Little, Brown. She is also the creator of the popular PENGUIN picture book series, as well as the BEAR series with Walker Books for Young Readers.  She has received many awards including the 2016 Bank Street’s Best Children’s Book Award for Stormy Night, the 2015 Nottingham Children’s book award for Found, and the 2013 San Diego Best Children’s Book Award for Pinwheel. She lives in San Diego with her family.

We look forward to begin working with Salina in the spring of 2018!


by Luke Kralik

Whenever I meet new people, the question of what you do for a living often comes up. When I was working in a library, it was very easy to answer this question. Even if people didn’t know the specifics, they had a general sense of what a library is, and what a librarian might do. I might have to go over a few details, but it wasn’t a foreign concept to them.

CSLP Newsletter September 2017This is not the case when I now tell them I work for the CSLP. Even many of my librarian friends do not have a concept of the work we do. Some might recognize our slogans or somehow associate us with summer reading, but most have no idea that we are a national non-profit, and serve libraries in every state (and more).

This is a bit problematic.

In order to help raise our public profile a bit, I am encouraging everyone to use hashtag #CSLPreads. Posting a recap of your summer program? #CSLPreads. Giving a Build a Better World t-shirt to a local politician? #CSLPreads. Embarrassing video you captured of your colleague rocking out at their desk? #CSLPreads #LibrariesRock! You get the idea!

If you would like to play a more active role in sharing the work we do, I encourage you to join our Social Media committee. This dedicated group is always looking for more help and are wonderful to work with. For more information, please visit the Social Media Welcome page.

Thank you!



CSLP Newsletter September 2017

2018 CSLP Manual Update

by Karen Day

The 2018 summer program is nearly ready to debut!  Work on the manual has been going on behind the scenes for months and it will culminate soon.  As soon as the first batch of paper manuals are ready to ship, each CSLP State Representative will received one copy in your office.  We have been working with the duplicators and will soon have a shipping schedule completed.  We will make all attempts to meet your “Date Needed” deadline, however a few of the early deadlines may need to be adjusted.  As soon as we know when product is ready to begin shipping, we will contact those that we may miss your deadline and make other arrangements.  Once the shipping process begins, manuals, DVDs, and USBs will be shipped out as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CSLP office and we’ll take care of your needs.

Along with the manual shipments, you will receive your paper Incentive Catalogs with all of the products available for the 2018 Libraries Rock program!  These will arrive in a separate shipment from Demco.  Once we receive word that the catalogs are shipping, we will send a message out on the State Rep Mail List.  Please watch for this shipment and put the box(s) where you will find them to ship with your manuals.

Later in September, each State Representative will receive a promotional package from Demco which will have your free T-Shirts, a few posters, a vinyl banner, and a few lapel pins.  We will again notify you when where shipments are sent so you are watching for these.

2018 Annual Meeting Update
Start making plans to attend the 2018 CSLP Annual Meeting which will be held April 9 – 11, 2018 in Denver, Colorado at the Westin Hotel.  Monday the 9th will be a travel day and the meeting will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.  As details are completed, you can find them by clicking the link on the CSLP home page.

If you have any questions, please contact the CSLP office for more information.





Spotlight on a Reading Superstar!

It is well documented that boys often read less often, and at a lower proficiency than their girl peers. While there are many factors that might be responsible for this, one young man in St Louis, MO is doing something to help correct it!

Eleven year old Sidney Keys III is sharing his love of reading by creating the Books N Bros book club. His club helps promote reading among boys ages 8 – 10, and averages 7-10 new members each month.

The club votes on what book they will read, and often pick books with African American protagonists. Keys sums up his motivation for creating the club perfectly with “My motivation is I already love to read but it would be awesome, even better, to read with other people.”

If there a young reader making a big difference in your state, please let us know! We would love to share these inspirational stories with the entire CSLP membership!

Please send information to: luke.kralik@cslpreads.org


What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2018: Theme/Music; Slogan/”Libraries Rock”; Artist/Brian Pinkney

2019: Theme/Space; Slogan/”A Universe of Stories” Artist/Leeza Hernandez

2020: Theme/Fairytales, Mythology, Fantasy; Artist/LeUyen Pham

2021: Theme/To be Determined; Artist/Salina Yoon

CSLP Newsletter September 2017


Call for Artwork Subcommittee Members!

The CSLP Artwork Subcommittee members will review and submit feedback on the art from draft to final. This committee will not be part of the product review process associated with the Vendor Committee. The committee will consist of no more than twelve members, including the following:

  • Artwork Subcommittee Chair
  • One member of the Executive Board
  • One of the manual chairs
  • Chair of the Inclusion Committee
  • Six to eight other members

Term length: One program year of artwork

The term for committee members reviewing the 2020 program art will begin in August 2017 and end sometime around March 2019. The committee will review all artwork: early literacy, children’s, teen, adult, and all ages. All committee work is done through email correspondence. There may be conference calls if needed. Here is the estimated timeline for the review of the artwork:

  1. December 2017- Artist sends initial sketches to CSLP. Within two weeks of receipt of initial sketches, CSLP will offer feedback.
  2. Late January 2018- Artist sends updated artwork (preferably in color). Within two weeks of receipt, CSLP will offer feedback.

Selection Process for Committee Members

Prerequisite: Must have served on a Manual Committee (Early, Literacy, Children’s, Teen or Adult) or the Inclusion Committee within the past three years

Since there are a limited number of members on this committee, please submit a paragraph stating your interest in serving on the Artwork Subcommittee as well as a recommendation from a current/previous CSLP Manual or Inclusion committee chair. Recommendation and paragraph of interest can be sent via email to: Deanne Dekle, CSLP Vendor Chair by Friday, September 22, 2017. Committee members will be notified via email by October 1, 2017.

Please note: If an applicant is not selected for the 2020 Artwork Subcommittee, they are welcome to apply for the 2021 Artwork Subcommittee.

CSLP Newsletter September 2017

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