I. Background
The Collaborative Summer Library Program (“CSLP”), an organization that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”), accepts contributions from individuals, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations or governmental entities to support its mission. CSLP seeks to adopt a formal policy on allowing businesses to sponsor a program or activity put on by a CSLP member or affiliated library in exchange for recognition of the name of the business (a “Sponsor”). CSLP also seeks to adopt a policy regarding collaborations with other nonprofit organizations or governmental entities that will assist CSLP in carrying out its mission (a “Partner”).In adopting this policy, CSLP recognizes that the sponsorships need to be structured in such a way to insure that the sponsorship payments qualify as a “qualified sponsorship payments” under Section 513 of the Code. CSLP further recognizes that the copyright on the images to be used by a Sponsor or Partner is held by Upstart, a division of Lab Safety Supply, Inc. and that the images must be used consistent with the license granted to CSLP under the current Vendor Agreement.

II. Statement of Policy
CSLP and its members may actively solicit and encourage the business community, service clubs and other organizations or entities to become a Partner or a Sponsor of CSLP events, programs, and services, consistent with this Policy. CSLP reserves the right to refuse or decline any offer of sponsorship or collaboration at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with the sponsor or partner concerning any aspect of a proposed collaboration.

III. Definitions
A. A “sponsorship” is a mutually beneficial exchange arranged in advance whereby: 1) CSLP obtains support for a specified activity; and 2) Sponsor receives acknowledgement in return for cash and/or products and services-in-kind to CSLP. It does not apply to philanthropic contributions, grants, or donations in which no benefits are granted to the sponsor and where no business relationship exists.

B. An eligible Sponsor includes a business or other organization that meet the criteria and conditions of this Policy, including the following:

1. CSLP will not accept corporate sponsorships that reflect in a negative manner on the organization, does not align with its mission statement, or is not in the best interest of the health and safety of the organization or its participants as determined by CSLP Committee on Copyright and Rules of Use (the “ROU Committee”).
2. CSLP does not accept corporate sponsorships from businesses that sell or manufacture certain categories of products and services, including alcohol products, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons, tobacco products or establishments, and other businesses determined to be inconsistent with CSLP’s mission.

C. A “Partner” is a nonprofit organization or governmental entity who shares a common mission with CSLP and who is approved as a Partner consistent with this Policy, including the following.

1. CSLP will not accept partnerships that reflect in a negative manner on the organization, does not align with its mission statement, or is not in the best interest of the health and safety of the organization or its participants as determined by the ROU Committee.

IV. Permissible Activities
A. All activities of a Sponsor or Partner shall be consistent with the current Rules of Use

B. CSLP or any of its Members will not endorse, directly or by implication, any products or services of any commercial entity, except that CSLP may engage a vendor to provide incentive merchandise through its Vendor Agreement.

C. CSLP Member/Library must retain control over any sponsored program or collaboration.

D. Sponsorship acknowledgement may include the display of the sponsor name, logo and company information. The logo may not contain any qualitative or comparative descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities or company. The logo may not contain a hyperlink to the sponsor’s website. The company description may contain only the company brand and/or trade names, list of locations, telephone numbers, Internet address (without a hyperlink), and value-neutral description of the sponsor’s product line or services. Company descriptions may not include qualitative or comparative language, price information or other indications of savings or value, or an endorsement or other inducement to purchase, sell or use a sponsor’s product or services. CSLP reserves final editorial approval of all company descriptions to ensure that they do not constitute advertising as defined in Section 513(i) of the Internal Revenue Code.

E. Sponsors and Partners will be eligible to use CSLP Approved Images, as set forth the Vendor Agreement and to be set forth in the agreements between CSLP and the Sponsors or Partners.

F. All materials and programs developed by CSLP are the property of CSLP, unless otherwise agreed in writing, and shall indicate that the materials are copyright protected, and as such, cannot be changed, modified or duplicated without prior written permission from CSLP.

V. Process for Becoming an Eligible Sponsor
A. Entities who meet the requirements of section 3 of this Policy, may become a Sponsor or Partner through the approval process outlined below:

1. A Sponsor Agreement or Partner Agreement, both of which will be made available by CSLP, may be submitted by a Member or a member library to the ROU Committee. All proposed agreements shall include a detailed explanation of the proposed activities.
2. Proposed Agreements will be reviewed and evaluated by the ROU Committee based on the guidelines of this Policy. The ROU Committee may approve, modify, or deny the proposed Agreement.

B. After the initial term, an Agreement may be renewed as follows:

1. Member completes and submits the Application for Renewal.
2. ROU Committee reviews and approves renewal, subject to revised conditions.

D. A Member does not have authority on its own accord to approve a sponsorship or collaboration. The process outlined in Section V.A (or V.B for renewal) shall be the sole means of obtaining approval.

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