Looking for a quick introduction to a CSLP topic or procedure? Look no further! These tutorials will help you get started making the most of your CSLP membership. Have more questions, or a suggestion for a tutorial? Please contact Luke Kralik at luke.kralik@cslplreads.org

Introduction to CSLP Tutorials: This tutorial sets out the scope of the tutorial series, as well as demonstrates how to reset your cslpreads.org password.

How to put CSLP Artwork on a Cake: This tutorial explains the basics of requesting a copyright release to create a unique item for your library.

Wanted: Great Programming Ideas: This tutorial demonstrates how to submit programming ideas to be included in the CSLP’s Summer Reading Manuals.

How CSLP can Help You Make Friends at School!: Learn how using a CSLP partnership agreement can be a first step towards creating a lasting partnership with schools in your area

Creating an Account to Access the Online Manual: A step-by-step walk through for accessing the online manual.

Searching the Online Manual: This tutorial explains some of the major changes, and additional features, that have been added to the 2018 Library Rocks! Online Manual

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