Dear Illinois Librarians,

We invite you to join us for the 2019 program year which is designed to use space with the patrons in your library.  CSLP programs have you covered for the A Universe of Stories for all ages birth through senior citizens!

Your $20 membership fee covers administrative costs for the year and includes a multitude of resources for the Early Literacy, Youth, Teen, and Adult programs.  You may obtain the manuals in four different formats: A paper copy with a DVD of graphics that are reproducible for $20.00; DVD format with a .pdf of the manual and all the graphics for $10.00; USB format with a .pdf of the manual and all the graphics for $10.00; and an on-line version with an access code for $8.00 which will have the manual in a .pdf format and all of the graphics.  The manual includes all four CSLP programs plus a supplemental manual from the National  Network of  Libraries of Medicine – over 700 pages – plus shipping and handling.

The CSLP program can be used as summer programming, supplemental programming, winter reading programs, or story time programs beginning October 1, 2018.  Incentive materials are available for purchase from our exclusive vendor October 1, with rolling shipping dates beginning in November 2018.  Incentive materials are available until July 31, 2019.

A wide variety of program resources Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), links to the CSLP Pinterest and Facebook pages, and assessment tools are available to members of CSLP.

Ordering materials

Purchases from the CSLP exclusive vendor supports summer reading planning and resources for early literacy, youth, teen and adult programs, including manuals, Public Service Announcements, web resources, and participation by all states at the annual meeting.  For more information about CSLP, including how to establish CSLP as your summer reading program for 2019, please email Karen Day at or call 866-657-8556.

The CSLP order website opens October 1, with rolling deadlines to accommodate budget years, programs and promotion schedules.  We encourage you to order early for best selection.  If you have special ordering or billing needs please feel free to contact our administrator, Karen Day as we are more than happy to work with you.

Be part of summer reading!

Do you have an interest in budgets, programming, statistics, promotion, adult services? Consider joining one of our committees and be part of planning summer reading for libraries around the country, military bases and the American Territories.

CSLP is committed to the Illinois libraries and would like to assist you in whatever way we can to ensure that you have access to high quality, low cost materials for your summer reading program.

Please feel free to contact CSLP anytime with questions, suggestions or to sign up for a committee.

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