This Agreement is between the Collaborative Summer Library Program, Inc. an Iowa nonprofit corporation that is recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (CSLP) working in conjunction with:
CSLP Member/Library*

and is effective as of the date approved by CSLP and signed by CSLP, as indicated below. WHEREAS, CSLP desires to assist public libraries’ efforts to develop and promote high-quality summer reading programs by collaborating with other nonprofit organizations or governmental entities; WHEREAS, PARTNER is a nonprofit organization or governmental entity that desires to support the charitable and educational activities of CSLP solely for public, not commercial purposes; NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1) CSLP Member/Library hereby agrees to collaborate, consistent with the CSLP Policy on Collaborations, with PARTNER to further both organizations’ mutual public purposes. PARTNER may use [CSLP Member/Library’s] name and to the extent defined in this Agreement, its Approved Images or resource materials (“CSLP Resources”) on or in communications that further the charitable and education purposes of CSLP and only for the following purposes. All uses of CSLP Resources and the Approved Images shall be consistent with the current Vendor Agreement.

Enter Detailed Terms of the Collaboration Here:*

2) PARTNER agrees to acknowledge [CSLP/Member Library] any time it uses CSLP Resources and to do so only in ways that are consistent with the Vendor Agreement.

Describe anything else you want from the PARTNER. E.g., will you request monetary support?:*

3) Any unauthorized uses of the CSLP’s name and/or CSLP Resources shall constitute a copyright infringement and shall be subject to enforcement.

4) PARTNER agrees only to use CSLP Approved Images that are current for that Program Year, which begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th. As of October 1st of a new Program Year, PARTNER must discontinue use of CSLP images from the previous Program Year and if approved by CSLP, replace those images with the current Program Year images.

5) This Agreement will be in effect from the date that all parties sign it through the end of that Program Year. This Agreement must be renewed for each Program Year. PARTNER must comply with Section 4 of this Agreement regardless of the term of this Agreement. Further provided, any party to this Agreement may terminate this Agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days written notice.

CSLP Member/Library: When completing this Agreement, consider the implications of this termination provision and make more restrictive if necessary:

6) Use of the term “Partner” in this Agreement is intended only to describe a mutually beneficial collaboration that furthers the nonprofit purposes of both parties. Use of the term shall not be construed to create a legal partnership between the parties that creates any shared liability or obligations between the parties.

This Agreement is entered into on:*
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Name of PARTNER representative:*
PARTNER Agency:*
Partner Address:*
Partner City:*
Partner State:*
Partner Zip Code:*
Partner Phone:*
Partner E-mail:*
Description of PARTNER:*

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