CSLP Member/Library:*

and is effective as of the date approved by CSLP and signed by CSLP, as indicated below.

WHEREAS, CSLP seeks support for its efforts to develop and promote high-quality summer reading programs through its members’ public libraries;

WHEREAS, SPONSOR desires to support the charitable and educational activities of CSLP;

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1) SPONSOR acknowledges the qualifications for becoming a Sponsor of CSLP, as defined in the CSLP Policy on Collaborations, an excerpt of which is included above the signature line of this Agreement, and by signing this Agreement, SPONSOR attests to its qualification.

2) SPONSOR agrees to pay to CSLP Member/Library the sum of: $*

as a qualified sponsorship payment as defined by Section 513(i) of the Internal Revenue Code. SPONSOR makes this payment with no expectation that it will receive any return benefit other than acknowledgement by CSLP and/or CSLP Member/Library as specified in this Agreement.

3) CSLP Member/Library agrees, consistent with the CSLP Policy on Collaborations, to:

Describe how it will use name of sponsor, such as include name on specific printed materials:*

4) Sponsorship acknowledgement may include the display of the SPONSOR name, logo and company information. The logo may not contain any qualitative or comparative descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities or company. The logo may not contain a hyperlink to the SPONSOR’s website. The company description may contain only the company brand and/or trade names, list of locations, telephone numbers, Internet address (without a hyperlink), and value-neutral description of the sponsor’s product line or services. Company descriptions may not include qualitative or comparative language, price information or other indications of savings or value, or an endorsement or other inducement to purchase, sell or use a sponsor’s product or services. CSLP reserves final editorial approval of all company descriptions to ensure that they do not constitute advertising as defined in Section 513(i) of the Internal Revenue Code.

5) NOTE: This Section 5 may not be necessary if CSLP Member/Library is just using SPONSOR’s name on its own communications, as described in Section 2.

SPONSOR may use CSLP’s name and any Approved Image only for the specific purpose described below. The “Approved Images” are those images that are made available for use by third parties under the terms of the current Vendor Agreement.

Describe in detail how SPONSOR will use CSLP name, if applicable. e.g. printing a placemat that includes a CSLP message and encourages children to read:*

6) Any unauthorized uses of the name CSLP or of CSLP Member/Library and any CSLP image shall constitute a copyright infringement and shall be subject to enforcement.

7) SPONSOR agrees only to use CSLP Approved Images that are current for that Program Year, which begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th. As of October 1st of a new Program Year, SPONSOR must discontinue use of CSLP images from the previous Program Year and if approved by CSLP, replace those images with the current Program Year Approved Images.

8) This Agreement will be in effect from the date that all parties sign it [and CSLP Member/Library has received sponsorship payment] [INCLUDE IF APPLICABLE] through the end of that Program Year. This Agreement must be renewed for each Program Year. SPONSOR must comply with Section 7 of this Agreement regardless of the term of this Agreement. Further provided, CSLP o r CSLP Member/Library may terminate this Agreement at any point for failure to comply with the Agreement but shall have no obligation to return the sponsorship payment. SPONSOR may decide to withdraw the display of acknowledgements at any time but understands that the sponsorship payment will not be returned.

This Agreement is entered into on:*
Name of CSLP Member/Library representative:*
Zip Code:*
Name of PARTNER:*
Agency of PARTNER:*
Address of PARTNER:*
City of PARTNER:*
State of PARTNER:*
Zip Code of PARTNER:*
Phone of PARTNER:*
Email of PARTNER:*
Description of Business Activities of Sponsor:*

Electronic Signatures
By typing your name in the signature boxes below, you are indicating your intent to sign the relevant document or record and that this shall constitute your signature.

The undersigned certifies that SPONSOR does not sell or manufacture the following products and services: alcohol products, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons, tobacco products, and any other business that would be inconsistent with CSLP’s mission.

Member/Library Representative Signature:*
Sponsor Signature:*
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