Including an Early Literacy Component in Your Summer Reading Program

Early literacy programming, materials, and activities should be a core part of every library’s offerings year-round. For many pre-readers and their families, the library is the only space offering free access to age-appropriate programs, resources, and expertise in their community. The need for these offerings is present all year; therefore, it is vital for your library to include the youngest children—starting with newborns—in your summer reading program.

Benefits of including early learners in your summer reading program:

  • Young children will gain self-confidence and a love for reading, books, and the library
  • The groundwork will be laid for children to become lifelong readers and learners
  • Entire families will have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate summer reading programs
  • Completion of the program will give children a sense of accomplishment and belonging
  • Parents and caregivers will gain knowledge about early literacy and learning activities at the library that they can continue at home
  • The library may become a community destination for more families during the summer

Putting together a cohesive summer reading program for pre-readers does not need to be complicated. For many excellent program ideas, books and music lists, crafts, and so much more on summer reading programs for kids birth through five, please see the CSLP manual each year!

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