2015 Teen Video Challenge Winners


“Speed Reader vs. the Plagiarizer”

Trussville Public Library

Jordan Blankenship, Caroline Hill, Somto Ozuligbo, Nathan Robinson, Logan McCombs


“Every Hero Has a Story”

Anchorage Public Library

Robert Cooley, Sarah Cooley, Corey Stafford, Zach Butch, and Madelyn Taylor


“Unmask the Story Within You”

Glendale Public Library

Luis Morales and Jamie Larson


“A Hero’s Choice”

Cambria Public Library

Carlos Plummer, Andrew Paiz, Michael Mucciacito, Samantha Mucciacito, Mackenzie Kloepper, and Canyon Kloepper


“Stolen Knowledge”

Douglas County Libraries – Lone Tree Branch

Daniel Lindeen


“The Doubtful Detective”

Dover Public Library

Teresa Pierce, Gianna Pierce, Amanda Harding, Mionya Mosley, and Anthony Quinene


“Become Your Own Hero”

Marion Baysiner Memorial Library

Robby Palmer, Corben Ahern, Jacob Turner, Luz Meneses, Noah Christopher, Dakota Beener, Kyle Beener, Michael Bennett, Jodie Bennett, and Tamara Bennett


“Novel Masquerade”

Post Road Branch of the Forsyth County Public Library

Rahul Gurram



Boise Public Library – Collister Branch

Laura Irish



St. Joseph County Public Library

Alexandria Hurley, Isabella Van Wanzeele, Madison Wilkeson, Ian Polando, Denisha Barborg-Green, and Emily Smith


“Read to the Chase”

Oskaloosa Public Library

Ethan Doak, Soren Pearce, and Washington Carlyle Pearce


“Talent Revealed”

LaRue County Public Library

Levi Clark, Stephanie Clark, and Heather Clark



Lafayette Public Library – North Region Branch

Garon Seaux and Mckaela Wilson


“Unmasking at YOU”

Erving Public Library

Cynthia Roy-Clark



Green Valley Library

Michael Gex

New Jersey


Somerset County Library System – Bridgewater Library

Megha Tandon

New York

“Unmask Your Imagination”

DeWitt Community Library

Athena Summers and Emma Wilson

North Carolina

“Find Yourself on the Shelf”

Wake County Public Libraries

Andrew Bounds, Maya Blades, Mary Stone, Austin Butler, Jessica Stiehm, Michelle Cole, Michael Cain, and Chase Behm


“Groovy Groo and the Book Muncher”

Sebring Branch – Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County

Zoie Bailey, Jordan Brown, Adelina Buga, Conni Cross, Faith Hall, Jessica Lozier, Tatiana Ludt, Samantha Miner, Lindsey Rice, Sydney Rice, Maggie Stepo, Amanda Woods, and Elizabeth Jarvis


“A Hero is Born”

Hood River Library

Samuel Trueblood Hannigan

South Carolina

“The Mask of Conventionalism”

Chapin Memorial Library

Nella Eruza


“Unmask a Hero in You”

Arlington Public Library

Brandton Keracik, Kwesi Tuffour, Austin Shuller, Janie Le, and Nikolas Oscib


“Unmask the Greatest Adventure”

Millcreek Library – Salt Lake County Library Services

TJ Ryan



Fletcher Free Library

Ella Staats


“Sherlock and the Masked Bookman”

Ellensburg Public Library

Grace Pearsons


“Dewey Doo and the Case of the Stolen Library Books”

Hudson Area Public Library

Alexander Romberg, Julia Asmus, Katelyn Asmus, and Bethany Schueller

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