30+ Years of CSLP History

1987        PAWS at your Library

1988        Looniest Summer Ever: Dive into your Library

1989        Dino-soar into Summer

1990        Wheelin’ Thru Summer

1991        Hats off to the Library

1992        Library All Stars

1993        Hook a Book at your Library

1994        Go Wild for Libraries

1995        Sky’s the Limit at your Library

1996        Get in the Game … at your library

1997        Thrills and Chills at the library

1998        Rock ‘N Read

1999        Treasure your library

2000        Cosmic Connections at your library

2001        Road Trip USA

2002        Join the Winner’s Circle – READ!

2003        Laugh It Up at your library

2004        Discover New Trails

2005        Dragons, Dreams & Daring Deeds (children)

                  Joust Read (teen)

2006        Paws, Claws, Scales, and Tales (children)

                  Creature Feature (teen)

2007        Get a Clue (children)

                  YNK @ your library (teen)

2008        Catch the Reading Bug (children)

                  Metamorphosis @ your library (teen)

2009        Be Creative @ your library (children)

                  Express Yourself @ your library (teen)

2010        Make a Splash – READ! (children)

                  Make Waves at your library (teen)

                  Water Your Mind – Read (adult)

2011        One World, Many Stories (children)

                  You Are Here (teen)

                  Novel Destination (adult)

2012        Dream Big – Read Brian Lies

                  Own the Night (Teen)

                  Between the Covers (Adult)

2013        Dig Into Reading (children) – Scott Nash

                  Beneath the Surface (teens)) – Duncan Long

                  Groundbreaking Reads (adult) – Shane Rebenschied

2014        Fizz, Boom, Read! (Early Literacy & Children)

                  Spark a Reaction (Teen)

                  Literary Elements (Adult)

2015        Every Hero Has a Story (Youth/EL) – (Jarrett Krosoczka)

                 Unmask (Teen) – (Hope Larson)

                  Escape the Ordinary (Adult)

2016        On Your Mark, Get Set, Read (Youth/EL) – Matt Tavares

                  Get in the Game: Read (Teen)

                 Exercise Your Mind – Read (Adult)

2017        Build a Better World -All programs (David Macaulay)

2018        Libraries Rock – All programs (Brian Pinkney)

2019        A Universe of Stories (Leeza Hernandez)

2020       Imagine Your Story (LeUyen Pham)

2021       Tails and Tales (Salina Yoon)

2022       Oceans of Possibilities – Océanos de posibilidades (Sophie Blackall)

2023       All Together Now (Frank Morrison)

2024       TBD (Juana Martinez-Neal)


2024: Juana Martinez-Neal
2023: Frank Morrison
2022: Sophie Blackall
2021: Salina Yoon
2020: LeUyen Pham
2019: Leeza Hernandez
2018: Brian Pinkney
2017: David Macaulay, Scott Sosebee, Larry Jones
2016: Matt Tavares
2015: Jarrett Krosoczka, Hope Larson
2014: Dan Santat, Tim O’Brien
2013: Scott Nash, Duncan Long, Shane Rebenschied
2012: Brian Lies, Christian Fuenfhausen, Larry Jones
2011: Rafael Lopez, Svetlana Chmakova, David Moore
2010: Henry Cole, Ursula Vernon
2009: David Catrow, Brad Sneed
2008: Harry Bliss, Jan Duursema
2007: Mark Teague, Russell Walks
2006: David Shannon, Russell Walks
2005: Steven Kellogg, Doug Keith

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