Family Literacy – Pennsylvania Center for the Book

Resources are based on children’s books and are designed for parents, educators, and librarians working with parents and young children. The site includes Guides for Parents and Caregivers, Family Fun Night Programs, Book-Centered Integrated Lesson Plans for Adult Education, Parenting Education, Early Childhood Education, and Interactive Literacy (also known as PACT Time). “Permission for use of this material was given by Steven Herb, Director of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book.” The Pennsylvania Center for the Book is affiliated with the Library of Congress and sponsored by The Pennsylvania State University Libraries.

Importance of Family Literacy

Document, which includes an overview of the key components of Federally under Family Literacy programs as well as information on the need for language and literacy programs.

ALA Family Literacy Focus

This initiative of 2009-2010 ALA President, Dr. Camila Alire, was launched to encourage and inspire families in ethnically diverse communities to read and learn together.

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