Adult Program

2020 Adult Manual Chapter

Encourage reading for all ages! 

Beach reads, cozy mysteries, and thrillers are on tap for adult reading during summer.  Adults look forward to summer as much as kids do. They can relax, take vacations, and catch up on reading, and that makes summer a great time to offer special programming for adults. You may catch some parents who are already coming to the library with their children, or hook some newly retired folks who have a little more leisure time, or even attract busy singles who just want to try something new.

Think about any broad goals or specific objectives you want to achieve this summer and plan accordingly. Adult and family summer reading programs can offer fun, exploration of new interests, and social interaction.  They also provide the best model for children to aspire to.

Annually, our program manual provides many programming ideas for adults so you can simply plug and play!  Our manual is created by library staff for library staff to use out of the box.  Many of the ideas here aren’t just for summer either.

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