Rules Of Use

Rules of Use printable copy [PDF]


Through your affiliation with a Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) member library, and use of the CSLP Summer Reading Manual, Artwork, and/or Slogan, you agree to adhere to the Rules of Use which govern how CSLP’s trademarks and copyrighted material (Intellectual Properties) may be used.

Updates or revisions are posted to the CSLP website: For questions regarding this document or other copyright issues, please contact the CSLP National Office. Contact information can be found at:

Businesses seeking permission to use CSLP’s trademarks and copyrighted material should contact the CSLP National Office. Contact information can be found at:

Manual, Artwork, and Slogans


Each year CSLP creates a manual based on a new slogan and artwork which includes an early literacy program, a children’s program, a teen program, and an adult program. A central benefit of membership is that purchase and use of the manual, artwork, and slogan is exclusive to CSLP members and their partners.

Each purchase of a manual entitles the member to use it multiple times within one library building. No part of any manual may be downloaded or used in other library buildings, even within the same system.

Permitted uses of the Manual by CSLP members:

  • Use in programming activities.
  • Train librarians in preparing for the summer program.
  • Cooperate with other state agencies in offering summer library programs.
  • Translate into any language or adapt into a format to serve persons with special needs.
  • Display any activity pages from the manual on a member’s website.
  • In the event member’s use any type of social media, credit must be given to CSLP. Attribution must be given as: “Image copyrighted by CSLP” or “Idea curated from CSLP manual.” Use of the Slogan must include the TM symbol.
  • The manual may be used by only one library building per purchase however it can be shared among staff or volunteers within that individual library building.

Restricted/Prohibited Uses:

  • No copying or distributing the USB/DVD.
  • No sharing or distributing the manual to non‐CSLP members.
  • No displaying or transmitting the manual online.
    • except for the limited exception of activity pages on member websites
    • except for social media with attribution

Artwork and Slogans

Every year, CSLP creates slogans which serve as trademarks and are used as the title for the series of manuals, on products, and on promotional material. CSLP contracts with a nationally recognized artist to create artwork to illustrate the slogans. CSLP is the owner of the slogan, and the owner or licensee of the copyright to the artwork. CSLP is pleased to offer its members use of the slogan and artwork, with some restrictions. The artwork and slogans are CSLP’s intellectual property, and may only be used as permitted below.

Permitted uses by CSLP members

  • Members may use CSLP artwork and slogans on all paper items. This includes, but is not limited to, library signage, reading records, certificates, posters, bookmarks, newsletters, flyers, calendars, etc.
  • Members may use CSLP artwork and slogans to market the library or library programs. This includes press releases and advertisements.
  • Members may use CSLP artwork and slogans on any one-of-a-kind item and/or food items.
  • Use for programming activities.
  • Use, copy, distribute, display, and transmit the slogans and artwork on members’ websites, social media sites, and professional media sites.
  • Use only the copyright embedded images (whenever possible) for posting online.
  • Use, copy and distribute the slogan wording on non‐paper products (without artwork). The stylized versions of the slogan provided by CSLP are considered artwork, and not permitted for these product types.
  • Members may manipulate, or transform, the slogan and artwork to accommodate patrons or communities with special needs. This includes developing tactile images, braille overlays, or manipulating files to fit the technical requirements of screen readers. Fonts may be adjusted or replaced to enhance usability.

Restricted/Prohibited Uses

  • No use, copying, display, or transmitting of slogans or artwork separate from members’ promotional or programming use of CSLP summer reading or library programs.
  • No alteration other than changing the size of the artwork is permitted. Members may use color or black and white versions as available on the media DVD/USB or in the proprietary downloads section of the CSLP website.
  • May not remove the TM symbol from the slogan.
  • No use of CSLP art on items similar to products offered for sale by CSLP, with the exception of paper goods.

Products offered by CSLP

CSLP is a non-profit organization that generates revenue by selling the products offered in its catalog and online storefront. Revenue generated is used to support CSLP’s mission, fund future programs, and to cover operating costs.

Permitted uses by CSLP members

  • Members may customize products purchased from CSLP with member’s name and the names of partners and sponsors.
  • Members may resell products purchased from CSLP, solely for the purpose of supporting the charitable or educational purpose of the CSLP member.

Restricted/Prohibited Uses

  • CSLP members may not contract with third parties to produce items that are similar in function to products offered by CSLP, unless prior written permission from CSLP is granted. (See custom items for more detail.)

Custom items

Because CSLP relies on sales from its catalog to fund future programs, member libraries are strongly encouraged to purchase products provided by CSLP. In cases where existing products do not meet member’s needs, or where custom items are desirable, member libraries will need to seek permission from CSLP to create customized items. A licensing fee may be charged, depending on number, and type of item produced. Please contact the CSLP national office to request permission to create custom items at

Third Parties (partners, sponsors, consultants, performers, schools)

Third Parties are individuals, organizations or businesses that desire to support the mission of CSLP and the charitable and educational activities of CSLP member libraries for public, not commercial purposes.

  • Partners are defined as non‐profit organizations or government entities.
  • Sponsors are defined as individuals or organizations in the business community.
  • Consultants are defined as an individual or organization hired by a CSLP member to perform a service related to CSLP programs, typically but not limited to in‐service trainings.
  • Performers are defined as individuals or groups that entertain audiences.
  • Schools are defined as organizations that educate.

Third Parties may not:

  • Do anything that reflects negatively on CSLP and its members.
  • Use any form of CSLP logo, slogans or artwork without prior written permission from CSLP or CSLP member library.
  • Sell or manufacture as their singular business the following products and services: alcohol products, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, weapons, tobacco products, or any other business that would be inconsistent with CSLP’s mission.
  • Consultants, specifically, may not use CSLP publications in any form other than for the training contracted by CSLP member, may not post content other than on CSLP member’s website or CSLP member’s social media outlets.
  • Performers, specifically, may not use CSLP images and slogans in any way other than to promote their performance to member libraries.

Third Parties may:

  • Display the CSLP logo or slogan artwork on marketing material to indicate that it supports CSLP member library programs.
  • Display the copyright protected artwork and slogans on third party’s websites to indicate that it supports CSLP member library programs.
  • Performers, specifically, must contact CSLP State Representative for permission to use slogans and artwork found on CSLP website to facilitate this for each individual state. Any local performers requesting permission to use the slogan can be given the approved logo if the performer has a local or regional focus and provides a service that benefits libraries. The approved logos have the copyright statement attached.
  • Schools and other nonprofit providers may purchase CSLP products including the manual from the CSLP website and product catalog. Member libraries must communicate with the CSLP national office to request website login for school access.

CSLP makes available a partnership agreement (for your use, but not required) for use when working with Third Parties. This form should be used to inform the partner, sponsor, consultant, school of the CSLP Rules of Use and their agreement to abide by the Rules of Use. The form can be found here:

Proprietary Information

Members may not share CSLP proprietary information including RFP’s, RFQ’s, contracts, annual program planning information, and the CSLP registered users list with any CSLP non‐member.

Disposing of CSLP Materials

CSLP encourages libraries to retain materials for future use. This includes incorporating past programming materials into winter reading programs, everyday storytimes, and library events.

Unused materials, including the program manual, are not to distribute to other organizations outside the library. If disposing of CSLP materials, please recycle if possible.


If you still have questions, please contact the CSLP National Office or the Organizational Coordinator: OR call us Toll Free: (866) 657-8556.

Revised: 07-03-2019