Join Us!

All public libraries can join CSLP, and odds are your library is already a member!

Member States
Most states have a state agency or other entity that purchases membership for all the public libraries in the state. The cost for statewide membership is deeply discounted at a base rate of $65, plus $2 for each library or outlet annually.  We base the number of outlets on the IMLS annual public library data. Check here if your state is a member and contact your State Rep for more info on accessing the current year’s Program Manual online.

Non-Member States
Non-member states include AK, CA, CT, IA, IL, MA, MN, OR, or RI.

  • If your library is a single outlet in one of these states, simply place your order in the CSLP store, and a $20 membership fee will be added to your cart at check out.  It is that easy!  Membership is good for 1 theme year.
  • Our store uses your library address to assess this fee, so if you place more than 1 order in a theme year, you will see this fee added again.  Just drop a note to remove the fee.
  • If your library has multiple locations/branches/outlets, then the $20 membership fee is required for each outlet that will use the current year’s theme. We’re happy to invoice your library and have multiple ways to pay including by credit card, ACH, bank transfer, check, etc.

Why join CSLP?

Questions? Contact Dawn Krause, Executive Director, or call customer service for assistance at (866) 657-8556.

Membership Benefits

Membership fees cover the administrative costs associated with running a non-profit, collaborative, member-driven organization dedicated to empowering libraries to foster community.  We’ve done summer reading programming since 1987!  All public libraries benefit when we share.  The more members we have, the more we all benefit from CSLP’s group purchasing power.  The more volunteers we have, the more fantastic programming ideas we can contribute across the spectrum of age groups.

Membership also allows the use of artwork created by award winning artists.  Such high-quality marketing resources are hard for individual libraries to create alone, but with the power of the Collaborative, we help libraries build community through high-quality summer reading programs!   Don’t forget, that when you join CSLP and purchase our current year’s themed Program Manual, you get access to a treasure trove of archived content from our past programs.