Join a CSLP Committee

Our committees are the lifeblood of CSLP. The hard work and creativity of our volunteers shape both the program and the organization. Strong committee participation leads to a strong CSLP.

While the duties vary, committee obligations generally run for one calendar year, and are renewable up to five times. Sign-ups take place in late summer, and applicants are notified in October. All committee work is done virtually; either through email, or through phone or online meetings. Attending the CSLP Annual Meeting is not required.

Most CSLP committees are open to all, however some have limited seats or require previous CSLP experience. For example, the Manual Idea Selection committees have limited seats, and the Budget Committee require previous CSLP experience.

If you would like to serve on a committee, but have missed the sign-up period, please contact Cathy Lancaster, CSLP President,

The sign-up period for the 2023 calendar year is August 22 through October 3

CSLP Committee Application form

Please note, the CSLP Artwork Committee‘s sign-up period is the same, but requires a separate application. If you are interested in serving on the Artwork Committee. Please use this link: