Duties of State Representatives

State Representatives are the liaisons between CSLP and the state or territory they represent. They are responsible for communicating CSLP information to all the librarians in their area and also, for bringing back to CSLP ideas and concerns from their state membership.

Selected specific duties organized chronologically are:

  • At the annual meeting in April, vote on theme, slogans, CSLP officers and bylaw changes.
  • After the annual meeting inform librarians in your state about themes, slogans, artists, website updates and other CSLP news.
  • After you receive the invoice for your state’s dues in June, please be sure to see that they are paid in a timely manner.
  • Fill out the order form that comes from the CSLP office in May or June indicating how many manuals and catalogs you need for the librarians in your state for the following summer’s program.
  • Distribute manuals and incentive catalogs to the librarians in your state in the fall.
  • In January or February, when the manual committee chairs ask, request slogans/themes from the librarians in your state for the children’s, teen and adult programs, and submit ideas for slogans/themes to the appropriate committees.

Throughout the year:

  • Keep librarians in your state informed about resources on the CSLP website and encourage them to create an account.
  • Encourage librarians to be engaged on CSLP’s social media outlets, especially Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Explain Rules of Use to the librarians, and help them interpret them.
  • Disseminate to librarians in your state any pertinent information that is sent via the State Representatives discussion list.
  • Complete and submit any survey forms as requested.